2013 Atlanta Falcons Friday Night Lights Art

Every year, the Atlanta Falcons hold an event, properly titled "Friday Night Lights".  The event is sponsored by Kia Motors.  It's a great concept, in that fans from all over can come see the Atlanta Falcons in a full on practice, at a high school stadium in that Atlanta area.  Along with watching the team, the cheerleaders perform and players sign autographs after the practice has ended.  The best part, it's all free.  I hesitate to call it a challenge, but the 'challenge' in designing the art for it, is making it seem larger than life yet keeping the up close and small time feel.  It is in fact a larger than life event for fans, but the idea is for it to be personal.   So the idea  was simple, showcase a high school football stadium, with Falcons' red lighting.  The players need to be the larger than life element.  So I decided to give them an almost 'god' like feel as they tower over the field with a sort of atmospheric glow.  In the end, I think it was a success.  I hope that this year's event is a huge hit.  Last year's was my first real chance to be around the team as a whole and in front of fans.  I guess I'm sort of a veteran now, so it will be more fun and less nervous.  If you're in the Atlanta area, come on out.  And tune in to www.atlantafalcons.com for more information.